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Songwriter and Producer: EMME (
Lyrics: thethingsgreaterthanme

completed on 7.29.17

a soul worn out
jumping through life’s hoops
forging through a quicksand
only to sink deeper

countless hours lighting a wick
stacks of matches piling up
a flame that only flickers and fades
an endless crusade

wipe away the sweat
breathe in and out
an endless clock that’s punched in
more than punched out

brush away the chaos
while i search for hope
no time to rest in the shade
sunburned looking for the truth

fighting with a riptide
footprints of progress washed away
the fear of fatigue
the need to be achieve

forging against a riptide
footprints of progress that can’t be swept away
the need to succeed
overcoming everything

stifled by the stale air
inhale, the need for something more
i know there’s something there
just beyond the shore

“all that gleams”
completed on 5.7.16

this life is full of demons
some are choices
some are acquaintances wrong for you
sometimes lessons learned the hard way
shape a life not so easy

you can take the easy route
settle with the fear and doubt
set a match to all that gleams
or scratch and claw ’til you reach your dreams

and i’ve felt the despair of goals outrunning me
out of breath from passions eluding me
slowly i dragged myself from the starless nights
and reached for the light i saw in you

fighting for you was a journey
the ups and downs of helping you believe
wearing my heart on my sleeve
to show you all you can achieve

what i sought in you was the ladder
to climb out of my abyss
you saved me without knowing
i’ll pull the sun towards both of us
to keep the light over our lives

“Mob Scene”

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“Mob Scene”
completed on 3/4/10

this may be my final hour
but this will be my finest hour
resentful voices echoing all around me, taunting me
feel your anger, creeping in

you disdain the hope you see in my eyes
you don’t understand the values that i choose to keep
you’re frustrated by the beauty that you cannot see
you’re too blinded by the things you feel you need

you feel the need to ridicule me
you hope your jeers slowly chip away at me
you won’t let me calmly walk away this time
you’re convinced that it’s time for me to die

you’ve got me surrounded in an alley way
pointing your finger, it’s the gun you choose to aim at me
you load the chamber
malicious words transforming into bullets
but when the gunshots ring
i’ll be like my mentor
and turn the other cheek