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“Midnight Sea”
completed on 4.18.17

waves crash down on you
your apathy pouring down
sand trickling down your hour glass
burying you deeper with your every move

i throw you rope after rope for support
desperate to be your lifeline to give you hope
but you’re too smashed to reach out
my support fraying and wearing out

i wish my words were enough to guide you
to steer you through life’s deepest seas and tragedies
But my attempts just seem to evaporate
the light and mist not quite strong enough

my vow just not steady enough
to be the wind to steer your sails
you’re stubborn rudder failing to navigate the sea
stranded in shallow water with your compass spinning relentlessly

if only my faith had enough weight
to force your needle to point north
if only i could part the darkest clouds
raining down over you

and you’ve made so many empty promises
the weight of your words like anchors
dragging you to the depth of the sea
how much oxygen do you have left to go?


Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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written and recorded with Nicole Voute on 9/30/06

you’re the sun that rises over the horizon to warm my soul
you’re the waves that surround me and sweep me off my feet
you’re the star that guides me to your arms when you’re away
and you’re the only thing that keeps me from falling apart

let me put my feet in your footprints because that’s where i want to be
and let me lay by the ocean and let your love wash over me
i don’t care if i get dirty because you always see the real me

your eyes sparkle like the ocean
and your smile lights the sky
your touch makes me feel like i am walking on water
and your kiss carries us away


let’s stop time at noon so that your rays can penetrate my skin forever