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Songwriter and Producer: EMME (
Lyrics: thethingsgreaterthanme

completed on 7.29.17

a soul worn out
jumping through life’s hoops
forging through a quicksand
only to sink deeper

countless hours lighting a wick
stacks of matches piling up
a flame that only flickers and fades
a one-man crusade

wipe away the sweat
breathe in and out
an endless clock that’s punched in
more than punched out

brush away the chaos
while i search for hope
no time to rest in the shade
sunburned looking for the truth

fighting with a riptide
footprints of progress washed away
the fear of fatigue
the need to be achieve

forging against a riptide
footprints of progress that can’t be swept away
the need to succeed
overcoming everything

stifled by the stale air
inhale, the need for something more
i know there’s something there
just beyond the shore

“Quite the Journey” performed by the amazing Alissa Beyer.
Lyrics from “I Will Get Back to You”.

completed on 2.26.17

sometimes this life can be so rough
like sandpaper tearing
the skin right off of me
open wounds and an open heart

the sadness falling
saline rolling down my cheek
the weight of life’s responsibilities
crushing all my dreams
give me relief, throw me anything

sometimes life’s expectations
a rope slipping, a rope tightening
the lifeline in your embrace
your breath, the air my lungs need
the sunshine your love feeds me

this life can be so rough
pins and needles and heartache
but i’ll keep on fighting
’cause your love gave me a heartbeat
your love a reason to breathe
your love pushed life into me

“Little Things”

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Little Things”
written on 8.26.12

not sure why my happiness is a destination
always around another bend
guess it’s ’cause i want the happy ending
and can’t enjoy the little things

but when you long for happy endings
you notice the extremes
but the lows are so much tougher
than the highs mixed in between

i’ll play second fiddle
i’ll play rhythm while you solo over me
i’ll buy my time ’cause one day
she’ll hear my song and listen to me

i’ve filled my skin with ink
to remind me of who i need to be
if only etching you in my mind
was as easy as bringing you to me

i won’t be the first star in the sky you see
but i’ll be the brightest when you find me
’cause all i’ve ever wanted
was to light the night for you

i’ll play second fiddle
i’ll play rhythm while you solo over me
’cause i’ll be there for more than a chorus
i’ll do anything to show you your worth