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“Tears Like Sleet”
completed on 12.21.18

i caught up with you
in the middle of your journey
feels like a billion years
as you replay everything in your mind

i can tell by the creases on your brow
there’s some things you need help with right now
everything in life out of tune
your mind spinning like a typhoon

i’ll help you, my friend
lost under the dim light of a pale moon
find the blaze of our bright sun
that lights a new path for you

tears like sleet
while you’re speeding down a dead end
slipping and sliding
about to lose control

you don’t want to reach out
for help, but i’ll grab your hand
and pull you up
be an anchor to help you stand

i’ll throw you a rope
a lifeline to escape
your pain, the weight
of feeling incomplete

to a brand new view
’til you learn to cope
to a brand new hope
away from that tightrope

“You’ll Never Be Alone”
completed on 9.17.18

i watched the dust trail settle
a flower losing its last petal
‘cause I never know where
you are, evidence you just don’t care

i sent you a thousand warnings
flares shot to give you a choice
but you weren’t even looking
now i’m letting this silence be my voice

i lit a match to your excuses
forgave myself for any dues
‘cause you could never find the time
absent during all your prime

i started this letter with hate
but my heart made me restate
this poem is not for you
it’s a promise to another I’ll follow through

family’s not simply chromosomes
but the ones that you can call home
I’ll always be your glue
and always believe in you

I’ll give you all life’s love
from the moment you are born
and as you grow I’m sworn
someone i’ll always be proud of

I’ll be there when you get sick
I’ll be there through thin and thick
you’ll always have a hand to hold
even as you grow old

you’ll never be alone
you’ll never feel disowned
I’ll never withhold any love
I’ll always be your stronghold


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completed on 9.7.12

i spent the bulk of my life on the east coast
it should make up most of my history
but my previous chapters aren’t half the length
as the one currently spent finding myself

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but it’s discovering myself
that this life is truly about

there are days when i can’t figure out
what this chapter is supposed to be about
i search for love and i find hope
then i get spun around
just to start all over again

i watch over you
i feel your pulse wearing out
fading like the passion in your eyes
i can tell your pen’s running out of ink
as you write the final pages of your life

you remind me how brief our novel can be
making life more like a short story
i’m thankful for my memories
but i still have more to write
’cause i’m still dreaming of seeing you in all white

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but i won’t give up
’til i show you what true love is all about


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completed on 7.19.12

you say that you can’t help
but feel you’re getting older
that your youth is fading faster
that your time is running out

you feel like the doors are quickly closing
between you and those with careers and families
and now you’re staring at a locked door
where every choice you make
feels like you’re using the wrong key
keeping you outside of where you want to be

but when you’re staring at your keychain
remember there is no master key
’cause every moment that you lived through
etched the ridges to make those keys unique

so savor every moment
and don’t stop searching ’til you’ve made it
’cause when you find the door that opens
you’ll find it was your self-discovery that turned the lock and key

“Left Behind”

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Left Behind”
written on 5.9.12

i see a couple on a bench
hands intertwined
while the only thing i hold
is fading memories that can’t shake the cold

i see them on the bench
warmth and laughter
close lips and starry eyes
their love lighting up the skies

i run towards that light
see something that would be so bright
but you’re always just out of reach
leaving me so empty underneath

i reach for your hand
to pull me from an icy current i can hardly stand
but you’re not there
at times it’s too much to bear

i see the moment come and go
each time i’m left behind
i watch you smile, feel your glow
but then am left buried in the snow

can’t i find the one that’s mine
the one who makes me shine
i want to burn bright with all my might
but i need your love to feel alright