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completed on 11.12.17

you walk with the sunlight bleeding
feel a darkness gushing
look behind just to see
your shadow isn’t following

and you’d like anyone to notice
your existence
and the cuts that you leave
a pain covered only by your sleeve

you can feel your feet stumbling
the struggle worsening
with eyes that cry for anyone to notice
the beauty inside you

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
when you’re drowning in defeat

sometimes the light can be too bright
make you beg for moonlight
but if you’d let me in
i’ll steal the pain that’s within

even if I can’t be right beside you
i hope that when you call me
my voice is the arms that wrap around you
so you never feel alone

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
’cause i know that you’re worth saving

i’ll be your crutch
i’ll be that soft touch
i’ll take away life’s weight
to see the daylight you can create

i’ll help you find that piece of the past
to allow you to heal
’cause you need to feel
the thrill of life again

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Lyrics: thethingsgreaterthanme

“Take Me Back”
completed on 8.26.17

pictures and memories
sunshine and treachery
flashbacks to the years
when i could hold you

the flicker of the sun’s rays
soft crash of ocean waves
fearless and careless
all ’cause you were near

the flicker of a heartbeat
the fear of the obscure
the rush of my first kiss
sheer bliss and the abyss

the flicker of life’s blindfold
the wear and tear of growing old
the strain of every day
suppressed ’cause you stay

the flicker of my life
the need to protect my wife
when i hold you close
the only time my heart’s exposed

everything i do
everything i aspire to be
is only ’cause i had you

completed on 7.29.17

a soul worn out
jumping through life’s hoops
forging through a quicksand
only to sink deeper

countless hours lighting a wick
stacks of matches piling up
a flame that only flickers and fades
an endless crusade

wipe away the sweat
breathe in and out
an endless clock that’s punched in
more than punched out

brush away the chaos
while i search for hope
no time to rest in the shade
sunburned looking for the truth

fighting with a riptide
footprints of progress washed away
the fear of fatigue
the need to be achieve

forging against a riptide
footprints of progress that can’t be swept away
the need to succeed
overcoming everything

stifled by the stale air
inhale, the need for something more
i know there’s something there
just beyond the shore


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completed on 1.4.17

i know that i’m not crazy
but the hands on every clock
know when you’re not in my arms
maybe they’re dragging, as sad as i am
’cause they turn so much slower when you’re away
a game and speed up like my heart when they see you

i know what i was before you
emptiness and a soul in pain
but the first time i held your hand
a fire ignited, nothing will ever be the same

and i’m not sure how to thank you
every day with words that you’re beautiful
but that’s not even half of it
’cause you’re my angel that brought me back to life

so this is just a short note
words of admiration
just for being you
’cause my life is so infinitely brighter
all because of you

the sun’s rays just feel so much warmer
your kiss just tastes so much sweeter
the stars shine so much brighter
with my arms wrapped around you

this life is just a fairytale
all because of you
i have everything in life
every single thing when i’m with you

the emptiness without you
completed on 5.19.16

this world can be so empty
filling trash bags with material things
always grasping for the next rung
an endless maze with no way out

you can chase the things that leave you hostage
get trapped in a hopeless daydream
a false belief in everything
an emptiness ’cause you can’t find peace

but if you ever dust yourself for prints
you’d find mine all over your heart
from holding up your soul and dreams
’cause all i’ll ever want is the best for your life

i’ll never be in the spotlight
the only thing that flashes is my smile
i only hope to be your mason
to help build your foundation up

and when the rain and hail fall down
i’ll shield you and keep you warm
our flame will light up this town
give you faith from any breakdown

i’ll wipe away all your tears
save you from life’s fears
give you all my years
’cause all i’ve ever wanted is what’s best for you

“It All Comes Back To You”
completed on 11.26.13

you were swept away
i kept my tears at bay
i thought i’d live a life without you
but that was so untrue

i never grasped the darkness
thought i had found the light
looked at life as if i knew
but it all comes back to you

i didn’t want to cry
i didn’t think i’d have to try
didn’t want to face the truth
you’d only be there in my youth

it’s like the cut of a knife
i taste the brevity of life
it’s a mountain i can’t quite climb
to give her a little more time

i’ve felt the darkness in a sunrise
drank from a glass half empty
surrounded by beautiful things
while i still wait for spring

i miss you with all my might
left without much light
there has to be a silver lining
to make my life defining


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“Heart on Paper”

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“Heart on Paper”
written on 2.11.12

i put my heart on paper
wear it on my sleeve
share it with you
for all the world to see

isn’t it ironic
how strangers can get to know me
know my deepest secrets and feelings
better than those i see every day

the older i get
the more i yearn for intimacy
not superficial conversations
but the ones that keep your mind up all night

i spend a lot of time wondering
why people waste their breath on small talk
instead of bearing their soul

my mom always warned me to take it slow
but life is short
so i seek what’s beneath
true beauty is always underneath
i want to see your soul

“Memory Lane”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Memory Lane”
completed on 10/23/06

the elderly man slowly struggles down the street
clinging to his cane just to make it to the next block
he feels so frail and past his prime
he’s overcome with sadness knowing he lacks a lot of time
a teardrop forms and runs down his cheek
gravity pulls it down to his feet
the tear meets a puddle on the concrete
which the ripples transform into a time machine

he looks into the water’s reflection
but rather than the wrinkles and gray hair to which he is accustom
sees a much younger version of himself

age 6:
he’s up to bat at a tee ball game
scores the winning run and smiles as he watches
his teammates jump up and down with delight

age 17:
he lost a few friends when he resisted peer pressure
but he showed his true colors and made his parents proud

age 21:
the young adult walks across the stage
his parents cry with tears of pride
he finished first in class despite all the time he spent courting his future wife

the ripples calm, changes the reflection

age 37:
he sits in the stands, cheering his heart out
his two boys tear down the field
it doesn’t matter how they play, he can only be proud

age 58:
over 25 years of showing his love every day
his every breath solely for his wife and kids
they still love the dad who never quite grew up

age 73:
he laid his wife to rest a short time ago
and his kids are now living lives of their own
so now he spends his time awaiting their return

the sun comes out from behind the clouds

reflects off the water and lights up his eyes
he smiles to himself – he knows he’s lived a good life
continues his walk down memory lane with a renewed jump in his step