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“sand castle”
written on 4.21.16

like a child in a sandbox
shifting sand to create my dreams
but love isn’t quite as simple to build
as we age the castle grows taller
life’s complexity causing the waves to grow larger
threatening to topple my sand castle

i wish love was as easy as saying i need you
but the older we get
the more of our puzzle pieces we find
the harder others become to fit the missing holes
so i stare at a picture that may never be complete

so in my sandbox i built a mansion
every floor built closer to my dreams
but without you i have no foundation
and the emptiness’s waves always threatening
to wash away all my hopes and dreams

so maybe before the sun sets
before the stars appear out of reach
i’ll find you in this place
and we’ll sit here on the beach
and let the sand wrap around our feet

“have to wait”
completed on 2.28.16

dreams, passion, the future hazy
one moment you’ve found home
then you’re stumbling in roam
a world of withering daisies

so maybe i’ve found hope
or just slipped to the end of my rope
when i see the tear slip down your cheek
i can’t stand to see you weak

we’ve cried in pain
felt emptiness and like giving up
but i’ll push life into your vein
save you from future heartache

you and i’ve felt alone
something we can’t overcome by phone
but i don’t mind the wait
’cause my heart won’t let me forget the date
that you brought joy back into my life

i’ll never tell you what to do
always love you for you
i won’t ever get in your way
’cause i’ll never forget the day
that you brought joy back into my life


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completed on 9.7.12

i spent the bulk of my life on the east coast
it should make up most of my history
but my previous chapters aren’t half the length
as the one currently spent finding myself

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but it’s discovering myself
that this life is truly about

there are days when i can’t figure out
what this chapter is supposed to be about
i search for love and i find hope
then i get spun around
just to start all over again

i watch over you
i feel your pulse wearing out
fading like the passion in your eyes
i can tell your pen’s running out of ink
as you write the final pages of your life

you remind me how brief our novel can be
making life more like a short story
i’m thankful for my memories
but i still have more to write
’cause i’m still dreaming of seeing you in all white

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but i won’t give up
’til i show you what true love is all about


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completed on 7.19.12

you say that you can’t help
but feel you’re getting older
that your youth is fading faster
that your time is running out

you feel like the doors are quickly closing
between you and those with careers and families
and now you’re staring at a locked door
where every choice you make
feels like you’re using the wrong key
keeping you outside of where you want to be

but when you’re staring at your keychain
remember there is no master key
’cause every moment that you lived through
etched the ridges to make those keys unique

so savor every moment
and don’t stop searching ’til you’ve made it
’cause when you find the door that opens
you’ll find it was your self-discovery that turned the lock and key

“My Song For You”

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“My Song For You”
completed on 5.20.12

i see the beauty in your heart
you’re the rarest work of art
you always find a way
to give me a brighter day

all i ever wanted was to pen the lines
you use to sing yourself to sleep
the ones that keep you up all night
dreaming of a better life

when you’re sad
when you’re hurt
when you dance ’cause everything is right
when the fire inside you burns so bright

i want to be in the words you use
in the thoughts you form
helping you weather through the storm
protecting you from any bruise

i want to be your light
to make everything all right
to shield you from any pain
everything for your gain

i want to be in the ink you use
as you draw yourself a better life
one of the hands you use to boost yourself up
to be there for anything you choose

i want to be in the air you breathe
when life’s weight is crushing you
i want to be in the sunlight
guiding you out of the darkness tonight

all i ever wanted was to give you a better life
you would make the most amazing wife
’cause you always find a way
to give me a brighter day

“Find a Way”

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“Find a Way”
completed on 4.26.12

you agree to see me
choose to go against the flow
and do something that’s unknown
to see where this could go

i would love to lead with my heart
but this isn’t the part
of my life where i get to worry
about finding my future wife

i’m running but there’s always a part of me
that feels so empty
hope there’s not a price to pay
for fighting for a better way

i love the things i show
that make you glow
i wish we had more time
being with you shouldn’t feel like a crime

i don’t want to grow old
to find myself in a world so cold
i will fight to make you mine
but you have to give me time
for our love to truly shine

please believe the things i say
don’t let everything we have fade away
one day we will have it all
making these struggles seem so small


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completed on 2.11.12

all my life
i only had to swim downstream
the rain showered me in love
and storms always passed over me

but then a hurricane
threw me into stormy seas
felt like i was drowning
life’s sadness washing over me

this time i have to swim my way out
even though i’m choking
and gasping for air
i won’t stop kicking ’til i reach the shore

no one may notice
and i don’t really care
this time i have to fight for a better life
smile until they can’t help but stare
’cause we all need love as much as we need air

“For Jen…”

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“For Jen”
written on 1.9.12

i wanted to sing you a love song
but knew my notes would be out of tune
wanted to paint you the sun
to warm your life like you have mine
but i can’t draw a straight line
so i’ll give you a gift
not sure what it’s worth
but i’m giving my heart for the last time

i don’t care how long it takes
you are worth the wait
because every movie and every trait
that made tears run down my cheek
that made my heart feel weak
i see inside of you

i’m not smooth
in fact you make me shake
’cause i can see so much love inside of you
and i’ve learned enough to know
you’re too good but it’s true

i don’t care how long it takes
you are worth the wait
because every movie and every trait
would make me hate
a life without you by my side
’cause you’re the only one i’d date


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written on 11.24.11

i’m almost 28 and i can’t stand this strife
i pictured my future wife
expected more out of my life
thought i would accomplish so much more
didn’t expect to have to guess at the door

all i want to feel free
but i’m not sure what that means to me
i can’t figure out who to be
it’s not in any book
or anywhere i seem to look

i feel trapped inside a cage
feel so much older than my age
if i ever want to find the key
i need to find the happiness inside me
start dreaming of who i will be

i need someone who has heart
appreciates life and sees it as moving art
i love when you open up to me
that’s how we were meant to be
love as immovable as a tree

my smile is the key to my soul
happiness is not my only goal
i want to burn so bright
but sometimes it takes all my might
to try to be their light

i want to wrap myself in your love
fly free like a dove
i admire all the lives that you’ve reached
all the hearts that you’ve breached
but you still have so much more to teach


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completed on 11.13.11

something’s moving inside me
tugging at my heart strings
i can feel you in the tear running down my cheek
you’re in the air that my lungs breathe
and the reason i’ve been feeling incomplete

you’re the books on the shelf just out of reach
you’re the change i leave under my seat
you’re the air i absent-mindedly breathe
you’re the first thing i take for granted
but you’re still reaching out to me

i always put myself first
it’s the most unhealthy relationship
i listen to all the wrong things
while you’re always supporting me
i’ve written off friends that speak to me
as rarely as i reach out to you
yet you haven’t given up on me

i know you’re always listening
so please accept my apology
let the world see your love through my smile
make me a better person
so i can be part of the change this world needs