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completed on 7.29.17

a soul worn out
forging through the quicksand
jumping through life’s hoops
only to sink deeper

countless hours burning the wick
feel the candle flicker
watch the flame wax and wane
while the earth only turns once

wipe away the sweat
breathe in and out
an endless clock that’s punched in
more than punched out

brush away the chaos
while i search for hope
no time to rest in the shade
sunburned looking for the truth

fighting with a riptide
footprints of progress washed away
the fear of fatigue
the need to be achieve

forging against a riptide
footprints of progress that can’t be swept away
the need to succeed
overcoming everything

stifled by the stale air
inhale, the need for something more
i know there’s something there
just beyond the shore