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“Take Me Back”
completed on 8.26.17

pictures and memories
sunshine and treachery
flashbacks to the years
when i could hold you

the flicker of the sun’s rays
soft crash of ocean waves
fearless and careless
all ’cause you were near

the flicker of a heartbeat
the fear of the obscure
the rush of my first kiss
sheer bliss and the abyss

the flicker of life’s blindfold
the wear and tear of growing old
the strain of every day
suppressed ’cause you stay

the flicker of my life
the need to protect my wife
when i hold you close
the only time my heart’s exposed

everything i do
everything i aspire to be
is only ’cause i had you

“Midnight Sea”
completed on 4.18.17

waves crash down on you
your apathy pouring down
sand trickling down your hour glass
burying you deeper with your every move

i throw you rope after rope for support
desperate to be your lifeline to give you hope
but you’re too smashed to reach out
my support fraying and wearing out

i wish my words were enough to guide you
to steer you through life’s deepest seas and tragedies
But my attempts just seem to evaporate
the light and mist not quite strong enough

my vow just not steady enough
to be the wind to steer your sails
you’re stubborn rudder failing to navigate the sea
stranded in shallow water with your compass spinning relentlessly

if only my faith had enough weight
to force your needle to point north
if only i could part the darkest clouds
raining down over you

and you’ve made so many empty promises
the weight of your words like anchors
dragging you to the depth of the sea
how much oxygen do you have left to go?

completed on 2.26.17

sometimes this life can be so rough
like sandpaper tearing
the skin right off of me
open wounds and an open heart

the sadness falling
saline rolling down my cheek
the weight of life’s responsibilities
crushing all my dreams
give me relief, throw me anything

sometimes life’s expectations
a rope slipping, a rope tightening
the lifeline in your embrace
your breath, the air my lungs need
the sunshine your love feeds me

this life can be so rough
pins and needles and heartache
but i’ll keep on fighting
’cause your love gave me a heartbeat
your love a reason to breathe
your love pushed life into me


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completed on 01.29.16

sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water
the choice of obscurity over me
focusing on their pride
while i struggled to survive

the worst excuse that i could see
’cause this isn’t how a family should be
torn between anger and love
an emptiness i can’t get rid of

so i’ve swept away the stains
tried to wash away the pains
unearth the purpose for this life
to prevent living an empty dream

i’ve stumbled for so long
felt lost more than i’ve been found
an aftermath that doesn’t make sense
unclear who’s on my side of the fence

i need love to light the stars
so i can find my way back home
need you as my compass so i don’t roam
only change can slowly mend these scars

“Raindrops and Tears”

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Raindrops and Tears”
completed on 6.9.12

not sure how this will trickle out
if you will soak it up
or wish these words would just evaporate

so i’ll let it all pour out
and hope you absorb my thoughts
rather than leave them to dry up

the things i have to say
i hope they make it rain
but only as a sun shower
’cause i can’t stand to be
the cause of black clouds hanging over you

what i have to do will cause some tears
but the only thing i’ll ever want
is for them to make us blossom and grow

even though i have to go
i’ll never let you drown
i’ll be the currents pushing the storms away
and the life raft always keeping you afloat


“Eric’s Song”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Eric’s Song”

i scratch out a short list
of all the people that matter to me
turns out you’re the only one that gives as much as you receive
never leaving any doubt of who is the most important to me

it never gets any easier any time that you go
’cause all the people i know come and go
even now that i’m off on my own
you’re the one that keeps this place from feeling like home

i’m not as strong asĀ  i need to be
you’re the only one who sees the real me
let me peel off all my my layers and show my true colors
i’m tired of being who people expect me to be
you’ve always loved me just as i am
and that is more than enough for me
’cause i never even needed their seal of approval

“Memory Lane”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Memory Lane”
completed on 10/23/06

the elderly man slowly struggles down the street
clinging to his cane just to make it to the next block
he feels so frail and past his prime
he’s overcome with sadness knowing he lacks a lot of time
a teardrop forms and runs down his cheek
gravity pulls it down to his feet
the tear meets a puddle on the concrete
which the ripples transform into a time machine

he looks into the water’s reflection
but rather than the wrinkles and gray hair to which he is accustom
sees a much younger version of himself

age 6:
he’s up to bat at a tee ball game
scores the winning run and smiles as he watches
his teammates jump up and down with delight

age 17:
he lost a few friends when he resisted peer pressure
but he showed his true colors and made his parents proud

age 21:
the young adult walks across the stage
his parents cry with tears of pride
he finished first in class despite all the time he spent courting his future wife

the ripples calm, changes the reflection

age 37:
he sits in the stands, cheering his heart out
his two boys tear down the field
it doesn’t matter how they play, he can only be proud

age 58:
over 25 years of showing his love every day
his every breath solely for his wife and kids
they still love the dad who never quite grew up

age 73:
he laid his wife to rest a short time ago
and his kids are now living lives of their own
so now he spends his time awaiting their return

the sun comes out from behind the clouds

reflects off the water and lights up his eyes
he smiles to himself – he knows he’s lived a good life
continues his walk down memory lane with a renewed jump in his step