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completed on 11.12.17

you walk with the sunlight bleeding
feel a darkness gushing
look behind just to see
your shadow isn’t following

and you’d like anyone to notice
your existence
and the cuts that you leave
a pain covered only by your sleeve

you can feel your feet stumbling
the struggle worsening
with eyes that cry for anyone to notice
the beauty inside you

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
when you’re drowning in defeat

sometimes the light can be too bright
make you beg for moonlight
but if you’d let me in
i’ll steal the pain that’s within

even if I can’t be right beside you
i hope that when you call me
my voice is the arms that wrap around you
so you never feel alone

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
’cause i know that you’re worth saving

i’ll be your crutch
i’ll be that soft touch
i’ll take away life’s weight
to see the daylight you can create

i’ll help you find that piece of the past
to allow you to heal
’cause you need to feel
the thrill of life again

“Slipping Away”

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Slipping Away”
written on 9.16.11

there’s a part deep inside me
that feels completely incomplete
drowning under water
and there’s no one to grab my hand
no one should ever feel alone

a smile is what they expect from me
so i’ll fake it so they don’t see my insecurity
love is supposed to make you feel whole
but chasing it has me falling down an endless hole

i can’t swim my way out
so i drink to stay afloat
but now i’m in a sea of emptiness
too confused to know my way out

it’s amazing how day after day
people come and fade away
so few choose to stay
and give their heart away

i’m seeing life in a darker way
and i can’t swim away
i just want to know you care
but no one has time to spare
so i pray for a brighter day

turn the music up
put another shot down
i’ll give this one away
to focus on a brand new day
and dream that happiness will come my way

love never fades
but it slips away
love never fades
but it s l i p s  a w a y. . .